Companies A, C and D, 48th OVI

Clinton and Highland Counties, Ohio

Contributed by Stephen E. Williams

From Walling's Ohio Atlas of 1868


Companies A, C and D were recruited from towns near the northern border of Highland County. Companies A and D's recruiting areas overlapped each other. Company A was recruited by Job Parker from an area centered on New Lexington (Now Called Highland), Highland County; and Company D was recruited by Cyrus Elwood about a month later from an area centered on New Vienna, Clinton County. These two towns are both nearly on the County line about 3.5 miles from each other and were connected by a railroad line in 1861. Some soldiers from Clinton County farms were, doubtless, neighbors of other soldiers from Highland County farms. Both companies had men from each of the two counties. Company C was recruited in the Lynchburg, Highland County area slightly further from the other two (about 8 miles from New Vienna) and not directly connected to them by rail. Its men were recruited by John Frazee at about the same time that Company D was raised.

The Map, from Walling's Ohio Atlis of 1868, has the aproximate location of the areas where the companies were recruted in red and the county lines marked in blue. The Marietta and Cincinatti Railroad passes through New Lexington and the Blanchester Hillsboro Railroad Passes through Lynchburg.

Excerpted from
History of Ross and Highland Counties, Ohio
with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches, 1880.

Online Map of Highland County

Williams Bros. Publishers, W. W. Williams, Printer, Cleaveland, O.
pp. 107-108



Company A of this regiment was recruited in Highland county. The regiment was organized at Camp Dennison, and early in 1862, reported to General W. T. Sherman at Paducah, Kentucky. On April 6th, it was engaged at Pittsburgh Landing, and did glorious work.

On the second day of the battle, the regiment went into active action at ten o'clock A, M,, and was exposed to a galling fire until the close of the engagement, In this battle the regiment lost fully one-third of its numbers.

From this time until after the close of the Rebellion the regiment was in active duty, It was among the first troops to enter the rebel works at Corinth, In General Sherman's first expedition to Vicksburgh, it was on the right, and at Arkansas Post it did effective fighting, It was with General Grant during his Vicksburgh campaign, fought at Magnolia and Champion Hills, and participated in the general assault in the rear of Vicksburgh, May 23, 1863. It took a prominent part in the battles of Jackson, Mississippi, and Bayou Teche, At Sabine Cross Roads the regiment, after a gallant fight, was overpowered and captured, It was not exchanged until October, 1864. The majority of the men in the regiment re-enlisted, but owing to their capture, they never received their veteran furlough. After its exchange the regiment shared in the capture of Mobile.

After the surrender of the rebel armies, the remaining one hundred and sixty-five men of the regiment were ordered to Texas, where they remained until May, 1866, when they were mustered out of service.


Mustered into service September 18, 1861. Re-organized as a veteran organization February 29, 1864. Mustered out of service May 9, 1866.


Captain Job Reed Parker, promoted to colonel, mustered out January 1, 1865
First Lieutenant Richard S. Robbins, promoted to captain, resigned February 14, 1863.
Second Lieutenant Francis M. Posegate, promoted to captain, resigned June 25, 1863.


Sergeant Charles Hussey.
Sergeant William H. Elwood,
Sergeant Charles Dillon.
Sergeant William Willis.
Sergeant Cornelius Conrad, promoted to first lieutenant; resigned September 16, 1861.
Corporal John Q. Adams.
Corporal George R. Conard,
Corporal John Williams.
Corporal John W. Pope.
Corporal Thomas M. Wright.
Corporal Lewis Beeson.
Corporal Daniel F. Williams.
Corporal Edward McVay.
Musician George R. Archer.
Musician John Wella.
Wagoner Joseph E. Hixon.


John Adams, Asa L. Adams, John W. Antrim, Lewis anchor, Edward R. Beeson, John A. Brittain, Benjamin A. Brown, Enos P. Brobson, Eli W. Rowlin, William A. Cox; Isaac Conard, promoted to sergeant, mustered out with company; John Cunningham, promoted to corporal, mustered out with company; Thomas Cowgill, George W. Cravin, Jonathan Chance, James Collier, Isaac Dodes, James H. Dryden, Elihu Davis, Mahlai Davis, Thomas Day, Kemp Davis, Joseph Driskell, Sloses Edwards. Peter Fay, Hiram B. Ferguson, jr., joseph A, Gravatt, Michael Grady, James H. Garrett, Madison Goodson, Charles Haddle, Elias C. Hamilton.Daniel Hixson. Thomas H. Hansall, John W. Hubbard, Elias M. Henry, Willialn Holmes, Joseph Inglish, George W. Inglish, James Jackson, Milton Kirby, John Wesley Lieker, Pleasant Ladd; Benjamin W. Ladd, promoted to first lieutenant, mustered out with company; Jonah C. Luckey, Edward B. Lamb, David Morgan, Michael McCafferty. George McCanless. Isaac McPherson, Calvin W. Porter, Charles Pierce, David Rains, Russell Read, Charles Rodgers, Levi I. Read, Robert Read, Ephraim Rayburn, Daniel B. Snow, Alonzo Smith, John W. Sanders, William Sharp, Bowman Sharp, Milton Spurlock, Jonathan L. Sanders, John W. Spurlock, James Severs, Camillus Turner, Edward B. Tudor, William Tudor, Clement Tudor, Columbus 4. Terrell, William Williams, David Woosley, John Wesley Yankee.



Joseph Brewer, John F. Brewer, James Brewer.

At the expiration of three years, the members of this regiment, who did not re-enlist, were mustered out, but no rolls are on record in the office, The veteran muster out rolls do not give the names.

Excerpted from
History of Clinton County, Ohio

W. H. Beers & Co., Chicago 1882.

Submitted by Debi Elliot

p. 451.


Decoration Day (May 30), has been fittingly observed in Clinton County for a number of years. From an account of the services on that day in 1809[sic], it is learned that about two thousand persons were in the cemetery grounds during the ceremonies, conducted by the local Post of the G. A. R. The graves were decorated by little girls, under charge of several ladies, the following being the names of the soldiers whose last resting-place was thus honored:; [...] David H. Horse man, Company H, Forty-eighth Ohio Volunteer Infantry; [...] William Lang, band, Forty-eighth Ohio Volunteer Infantry; [...] Col. J. R. Parker, Forty-eighth Ohio Volunteer Infantry.

p. 463.


In preparation of the following list, great pains has [sic.] been taken to make it as complete and correct as possible. The names were first copied from official rolls in the Adjutant General's office, Columbus, Ohio, and then, as a whole, submitted to Col. A. W. Doan, of Wilmington, who kindly volunteered assistance in the revision of the list herewith presented.

[Col. Doan was apparently less familiar with the 48th OVI than with some of the other regiments and less familiar with Companies A and C than he was with Company D that is presented fairly accurately. Company C, recruited in Lynchburg on the Highland Clinton County line may have had Clinton County Soldiers but was not listed. Company A is listed but several men who's military record shows them as being from Highland County are listed with the Clinton County men and Col. Parker, Capt. Hussey, Capt. Posegate, Lieut. Conrad, Lieut. Allison, as well as numerous noncommissioned officers are listed as privates. This list, especially Co. A, should not be relied upon without corroboration from other sources. SEW]

p. 466.


This company was organized in the state of Ohio at large [Most Co. D men were from the Highland and Clinton County area near New Vienna, Clinton County SEW] September to December, 1861, to serve three years. On the expiration of its term of service, the original members (except veterans) were mustered out, and the organization, composed of veterans and recruits, retained in service until January 17, 1865, when it was consolidated with the Eighty-third Regiment, Ohio Infantry.

First Lieutenant, Joshua Hussey.
Orderly Sergeant, Joshua Burley.
Corporal, Albert West.
Corporal, Asa M. Ballard.
Corporal, Harrison Luttrall.
Corporal, John W. Canter.
Corporal, Elkanah Ayers.


 Achor, George R.  Henry, Elias M.
 Allison, Isaac R.  Kessinger, George W.
 Alexander, Starr.  Kenworthy, William R.
 Balow, Joseph.  Mower, Samuel.
 Burke, Thomas  McCune, Thomas I.
 Baxln, William.  McDonald, Bushrod.
 Bonecutter, Martin.  McKee, Francis M., p. [prisoner]
 Bernard, George.  McElvain, John F.
 Canter, David H., p.[prisoner]  Mosis, Edward.
 Clark, William I., w.[wounded]  Milton, Kirby.
 Cashatt, Willam I., pd Corp.  Robuck, James M.
 Cox. Joseph.  Robuck, Thomas.
 Cox, Henery.  Railley, William I.
 Cox, Simon., p.[prisoner]  Smith, Rolla.
 Casperson, Adam M.  Spurlock, Levi.
 Craven, Peter.  Snow, Daniel B.
 Eaton, Levi.  Stevens, John.
 Ellis, Jesse.  Trenary, Thomas B.
 Gregory, John W.  Williams, John D. d.[died]
 Henderson, Thomas.  Woodsmancee, Silas.
 Henderson, William.  Williams, Edward.

p. 466-467



[Actually the following men held ranks of private through Colonel. Many of these soldiers are from Highland County near the Clinton County Border. SEW]

 Allison, J. R.  Coshott, Haney.
 Conard, George R.  Challander, Washington.
 Conard, Cornelius.  Duck, John.
 Cowgill, Thomas  Davis, Mahlon.
 Day, Thomas.  Lang, William.
 Fry, Peter.  McVey, Edward.
 Fry, Mick.  Montgomery, Samuel.
 Grady, M. J.  McKee, Frank.
 Graratt, J. A.  Parker, J. R.
 Graratt, James.  Posegate, Frank.
 Hansell, Thomas.  Raines, David D.
 Holmes, William.  Riley, Patrick.
 Hiatt, Elihu.  Rogers, William.
 Howland, Henery.  Sweetman, Joseph.
 Hodson, Isaac.  Sweetman, Richard.
 Hussey, Cyrus.  Sperlock, J. W.
 Henery, Elias.  Sharp Boman.
 Hildabrandt, Henry.  Tudor Clem.
 Huff, Carl.  Williams, John.
 Johnson, A. T.  Williams, William.
 Ladd, Benjamin.  Williams, Daniel.
 Leeka, J. W.  

p. 720.

Forty-eighth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry-Joshua Burley, Asa Adams, Bushrod, McDonald, James Lucky, dead; J. W. Gregory Simon Cox, A. T. Johnson, Major Surgeon; Jesse Allison, Second Lieutenant; Nathen Fisher, Major Surgeon.

In December, 1861, a company raised in Richland Township and commanded by Capt William Reed, left that township to join its regiment, the Seventy-fourth. Lieut. Col. Parker, of the Forty-eighth Ohio, encamped near Wilmington in the latter part of the month, for the purpose of securing recruits for his regiment, which a number from the vicinity joined. ......


In August, 1863, Rev. J. F. Spence, late Chaplain of the Forty-eighth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, was in Wilmington recruiting for the Second Ohio attery of heavy artillery. ....


Decoration Day (May 30), has been fittingly observed in Clinton County for a number of years. From an account of the services on that day in 1809, it is learned that about two thousand persons were in the cemetery grounds during the ceremonies, conducted by the local Post of the G. A. R. The graves were decorated by little girls, under charge of several ladies, the following being the names of the soldiers whose last resting-place was thus honored:; Claudius Morgan, Company D, Twelfth Ohio Volunteer Infantry; Enoch Y. Arnott, Company B, Seventy-fourth Ohio Volunteer Infantry; John E. Lazenby, company and regiment not known; Capt. Richard L Fallis. Company I, `: Eighteenth Missouri Volunteer Infantry; John Taylor, band, Seventeenth Ohio Volunteer Infantry; Samuel Henry, Company B, One Hundred and Forty-ninth Ohio National Guard; James B. O'Neal, Company B, Fortieth Ohio Volunteer Infantry; George M. O'Neal, same; Seymour J. Reed, same; John W. Morey, Twelfth Ohio Volunteer Infantry; Capt. Andrew W. Chapman, Company G, Eleventh Ohio Volunteer Infantry; Edward Bruce, company and regiment unknown; Lannes Irvin, Company I, Thirty-first Ohio Volunteer Infantry; Frank Johns, wagon master; an unknown soldier, who died at Wilmington on his way home; Edward Miles, Company F, Sixty-first Ohio Volunteer Infantry: Cyrus Vanpelt, Company G, Fifty-first Ohio Volunteer Infantry; James L. Hinman, Company C, Seventy-ninth Ohio Volunteer Infantry; David H. Horseman, Company H, Forty-eighth Ohio Volunteer Infantry; Jacob Carroll, Company C, Seventy-ninth Ohio Volunteer Infantry; D. P. Carroll, same; Joseph Woodruff, Company I, Twenty-seventh Ohio Volunteer Infantry; Warren Fuller, Company I, Thirty-first Ohio Volunteer Infantry; Daniel Kelley, ' irst Ohio Volunteer Infantry; William Lang, band, Forty-eighth Ohio Volunteer Infantry; A. E. Strickle, Commissary United States Army; Jesse Stout, Company G, Seventeenth Ohio Volunteer Infantry; Charles Ashcraft, Eighty-sixth Ohio Volunteer Infantry; Col. J. R. Parker, Forty-eighth Ohio Volunteer Infantry.

[21 H Horseman, David H. Corp. 21 09/09/61 3 01/01/62 Trans.Co.A48th 05/06/62 Died at Shiloh HR*]


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