Company F, 48th OVI

Defiance County, Ohio
Contributed by Denise Fox


Excerpted from
History of Defiance County, Ohio.

Warner, Beers & Co. Chicago. 1883.

Pp 129-130.


This regiment was organized at Camp Dennison on the 17th of February, 1862, and soon after departed to Gen. W. T. Sherman, at Paducah, Ky. After a short rest at Paducah, it moved up the Tennessee River, on the steamer Express, and on the 19th of March disembarked at Pitsburg Landing. On the 4th of April, while the regiment was still on drill, a firing was heard, and the Forty-eighth at once moved in the direction of the sound; but the enemy fell back, and at nightfall the regiment returned to its quarters. About 7 o'clock on the morning of the 6th, the regiment advanced upon the enemy, and very soon warmly engaged. Charge after charge was repulsed and though the rebel fire was making fearful gaps in the line, the men stood film. A battery was sent to their aid, but after firing four shots it retired. The rebels then advanced, confidently expecting to capture the regiment, but they were driven back, and Forty-eighth withdrew to its supports, having been ordered three times by Gen. Sherman to fall back. It is clamed that Gen. Johnston, of the rebel army, was killed in this portion of the battle by some member of the Forty-eighth. The regiment was actively engaged during the remainder of the day, and, late in the afternoon, in connection with the Twenty-fourth Ohio and Thirty-sixth Indiana, it participated in a decisive attack on the rebel lines. It acted through out in Buckland's brigade of Sherman's division- a brigade which had no share in the early rout of a part of that division. On the second day of the battle about 10 o'clock in A.M. the regiment went into action across an open field, under a galling fire, and continued constantly exposed until the close of the engagement. The Forty-eighth lost about one-third of its members in this battle. From this time until after the close of the rebellion, the regiment engaged continually in active duty. In the attack upon Corinth, the Forty-eighth was among the first organized troops to enter the rebel works. In Gen. First expedition to Vicksburg, it occupied, with credit, a position on the right in the assault; and it was in Sherman's expedition up the Arkansas River, and distinguished itself in the battle of Arkansas Post. It was with Grant during his Vicksburg campaign; fought at Magnolia Hills and Champion Hills; and participated in a general assault on the works in the rear of Vicksburg, May 23, 1863 [May 22, 1863]. On the 25th of June following, another general assault was made on the same works, and the forty-eighth was ordered to cross an open field, exposed to two enfilading batteries, to take position in the advanced line of rifle-pits and to pick off the enemy's gunners. This order was successfully executed. It took a prominent part in the battle of Jackson, Miss., and soon after engaged in the fight at Bayou Teche. At Sabine Crossroads the Forty-eighth, then a mere remnant of its former self, severely punished the "Crescent Regiment," but, in turn it was overpowered and captured. It was not exchanged until October, 1864. The majority of men in the regiment re-enlisted, but, on account of the capture, they never received their veteran furlough. After its exchange, the regiment shared in the capture of Mobile. After the surrender of the rebel armies, the remaining 165 men of this regiment were ordered to Texas. The Regiment was at last mustered out of the service in May, 1866, arriving at Columbus, Ohio, May 21, 1866, having been in service over four years, and traveled, during that time, through eight Southern States, a distance by land and water 11,500 miles, and being next to the last Ohio infantry regiment discharged from the service.


Virgil H. Moats. Captain; promoted Major; died at Cincinnati from wounds received at Vicksburg.
Aquilla Conrad, First Lieutenant.
Daniel Gunsanllus, Second Lieutenant.
William H. Smith, First Sergeant; promoted First Lieutenant.
Frederick W. Hoeltzel, Second Sergeant
Homer W. Moats, Third Sergeant; died 1862.
Joseph Rath, Fourth Sergeant; died at Defiance, on his way home, December, 1864.
George W. Laser, Fifth Sergeant.
Edward J. Todd, Wagoner.
William H. Doud, First Corporal.
John E. Richardson, Seoond Corpornl.
James Elliott, Third Corporal.
Demetrius L. Poll, Fourth Corporal.
Robert Cosgrave, Fifth Corporal.
Frederick Speaker, Sixth Corporal.
Philip Roberts, Seventh Corporal.
Charles Marfilius, Eighth Corporal.
William W. Russell and George A. Williams, Musicians.


J. Arnst, H. Arnold, Metcalf, A. bell, Charles Bambler, E. Byers, George Byers, Charles Burger, George Blair, Eugene Brant, D. M. Bell, Thomas Brannan. John Butler, F. G. Bridenbaugh, William J. Cole, William E. Carpenter, Cornolius Conrad, Edwin Cary, Michael Charl (enlisted 1864), Michael Carroll, William Donley, Edward Doud, Mathew Elliott, William Edwards, Louis Ferris, Benjamin Gripps, Nelson D. Grogg, George G. Hopkins, David Hollibaugh, Daniel Hannah, Frederick Helmick, Harman Hockman, Frederick Hoeltzel, John M. Johnson, G. W. James, Paul Jones, Joseph Kibble, John J. Kane (killed at Vicksburg, May, 1863), Robert Kibble (died at Shiloh March, 1862), Samuel Kochel, Isaac E. Kintigh, Patrick Kearney, John Kead, C. Lowery, William Lawrence, James Lawrence, Emanuel Miller, Philip Miller, F. R. Miller, George Morrison, James Myers (died in hospital November, 1863), George Minsel, James McFeeters, Edward McVickers, Philip McGuire, Joseph McKillips, Charles McHugh, H. Nolan, Christopher Nagle, Dennis L. Pitts, Obndiah W. Partee, Joseph Partee, John E. Partee, John Rhinehart, Isaac Randall (died of disease at Bolivar, Tenn. Aug 6, 1862), Thomas O'Rourk, Rudy Rider, S. F. Roush (died at Shiloh, 1862), Rhoda Ryan, Emanuel Reisch, Isaac Ridenour, Elias Ridenour, Jacob Snyder, Peter Smith (died in hospital at Shiloh, 1862), Andrew Smith, Francis M. Smith, Andrew Schmidt, James Sanders (died in hospital at Albany, 1862), Robert Sunders, Wentin Shiels, Abraham Spitler, Matthias Shellinberger, George Trostle ([re]enlisted 1864), Jacob Taylor, Alvara Venskiver (enlisted January 17, 1864), William Wright, Alfred Winters, Charles E. Willinms, A. W. Whipple, David E. Welker.



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