Crozier Lowry

by Lynn Blakemore


Crozier Lowry was born about 1830 in Philadelphia, Pa to Crozier Lowry and Elizabeth Bannatyne. Crozier was the 5th of 6 children born to Crozier and Elizabeth. Crozier's siblings were Margaret (b 1824 - died in infancy), Robert (b 1826 - Baptist minister & hymn writer), Mary Jane (1827-1896, single, born & died in Philadelphia), Margaret Ann (b 1829 - died in infancy), and Elizabeth (b 1833 - no further record). Crozier's father emigrated to America in 1817, receiving citizenship in 1831. Elizabeth, his mother passed away in 1842 and his father died and was buried at the Philadelphia Almshouse in July of 1857, when Crozier (Jr.) was 27.

Crozier was a border in Philadelphia in 1850. His profession is listed as a painter. By 1860 he has moved to Danville, Boyle County, Kentucky and once again is boarding, single and lists painting as his profession.

December 1, 1861 Crozier enlists in the 48th Ohio Infantry as a Private, Company F at Cincinnati, Ohio by V. H. Moats. He is 30 years old, 5 feet 5 1/2 inches, fair complexion, blue eyes, dark hair and enlists for a three year term. He lists his profession, but it is difficult to read on the military transcript. Perhaps it says "R. Waying"

According to the company muster rolls, Crozier was present January through August 1862. There is a notation that "By mistake on former rolls Crizer Lowry was not paid for services from Oct 15 - Dec 1 1861. There is therefore due said Lowry pay for said time. Also pay due from Dec 31 1861 to Feb 28 1862 he having rec'd pay only for Dec 1861. $5 to be retained as fine."

In August of 1862 he was "Detailed on Recruiting service by order of Maj.Genl. Grant. No 15-3 Aug 18." Crozier served on recruiting service until January of 1863 when he was once again present on the muster rolls. He was present through April 10, 1863. Crozier is listed as "Absent without leave since Apr 16 1863" until October of 1863. At this point he is officially listed as "Loss Deserted Apl 15 1863 Millikens Bend", La. *

Crozier surfaces again in 1880 in Towamensing, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, single, living with the George Lukens family, his profession listed as a painter, 50 years of age. To date, Crozier has not been located in the 1870, or 1900 census years. The year, location and place of death and burial is not known. (June 16, 2003)

* The 48th had spent several miserable months on the levy at Millikin's Bend near Vicksburg before moving again toward Vicksburg in April, 1863. Men were dying of disease, it was miserable work in the cold and damp, every day punctuated by boredom and would have been very bad for morale. This was a Valley Forge like situation. The question was not why men deserted during this time but, rather, how they deserted. The swollen, ice-cold Mississippi was on one side of them. Mucky bottom land flooded with icy water was on the other. If they got beyond either of these barriers they were in enemy territory. Stowing away on a Steamboat would not be easy but it would seem to be the only way out.


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