John B. Philip Miller

by Ron Garner
Friday Harbor, WA


John B. Phillip Miller, who went by Philip Miller, was born 10 April 1840, in Holmes County, Ohio, to Abraham and Elizabeth (Weaver) Miller. On 26 November 1871, in Holmes County, Ohio, he married Frances Lint who was born 24 February 1840, in Coshochton County, Ohio to Coonrad and Sarah (Quigg) Lint. They had five children.

Philip Miller, who was a 5' 11" laborer, joined Company F of the 48th OVVI on 1 February 1862, at Defiance, Ohio for a three year enlistment. He apparently served without incident until January, 1863, when was sent to the hospital, returning in March or April of that year. On the special muster of 10 April 1863, Philip was absent but was present for the muster call for May and June of 1863.

On 29 February 1864, Philip Miller mustered out of the 48th OVVI at Berwick City, La. He was discharged by virtue of his reenlistment as a veteran volunteer under the provisions of General Order 191 series of 1863. He was present with his unit until 8 April 1864, when the entire regiment was captured at the Battle of Sabine Cross Roads, Mansfield, La. He was paroled at Red River Landing, La. on 23 October 1864 and reported at New Orleans on 27 October 1864, officially rejoining the regiment on 3 November 1864. Philip spent multiple times in the hospital from 14 November 1864 to 2 January 1866. He went on furlough starting 5 January 1865. He then switched regiments on 18 January 1865, joining Company E of the 83rd OVI. In the month of March, 1866, Philip was injured while attending the officer's horses while in Galveston, Texas. He strained his back which later lead to his spine to be badly afficted. His injury was a result of exposure and in carrying too heavy loads. At Galveston, Texas, on 9 May 1866, Philip was discharged from the Ohio Volunteer Infantry.

In the 1870's, Philip Miller applied for a pension because he could no longer work. This he was granted andat the time of his death on 14 March 1912 his last payment was $24.

Philip Miller is the great-great grandfather of Ronald G. and David A. Garner.


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