Capt. Thomas Montgomery

Contributed by Patricia Montgomery Fagan


My Great Grandfather's service was in the most difficult terrain, and in the wet wintry weather as well as the hot, dry summers of the south. It is said in his obituary that his health was adversly affected by this experience, and he couldn't return to farming, and tried various endeavors to make a living. He was entrusted with many positions of trust and honor by the community of Lynchburg, such as corporation clerk, member of the board of education, member and clerk of the water works and electric light board, board of trustees, and secretary and treasurer of the Methodist Episcopalian church, U.S. Storekeeper and Dist. Deputy Collector in the employ of the national government. He was elected Secretary of the 48th Ohio Association every year since its organization, and gave much time and attention to the interests of the Society. Quoted from his obituary in the Lynchburg Record, Jul 18,1907: "In all relations of life, he showed himself to be a man of ability, of firm purpose, of strong convictions and sterling integrity. He was a loving and indulgent father, a faithful and devoted husband. After 6 months of, at times, intense suffering, he gladly and willingly answered the last summons. Life's work well done, Life's race well run, Now comes rest. A Comrade."


Thomas Montgomery
Courtesy of Robert and Nora Anzinger


Thomas Montgomery and his family
Courtesy of Robert and Nora Anzinger


Thomas Montgomery's chessmen, which he carried with him throughout the war.
In Camp Ford he played with them on a stump. Courtesy of Pat Fagan.


Capt. Montgomery's sword. Thank you to Bruce Montgomery for contributing these photos!



Inscription in a copy of the Regimental History owned by Don Worth


Thomas Montgomery's grave in the Masonic Cemetery, Lynchburg, Ohio
Courtesy of Pat Montgomery Fagan


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