Morgan Tedrick

by William D. Henderson
Great-grandson of Morgan Tedrick
Chester, Virginia


Morgan Tedrick was born December 18, 1840 near Dodsonville, Highland County, Ohio. He was the second of ten children born to John Henry Tedrick (born either in Virginia or Pennsylvania) and Sarah Wilkins. Morgan Tedrick enlisted in the 48th Ohio on October 12, 1861 and was assigned to Company C. He received a wound from a spent ball that hit his lower left rib and cut the flesh down to the bone at the battle of Sabine Cross Roads. Stunned by the force of the ball he fell to the ground. Shortly thereafter, with the capture of the entire regiment, a Confederate soldier inflicted a second (minor) wound with his bayonet while urging him to get up and march off into captivity. Interned in Texas from April 8 to October 23, 1864 he returned to the reconstituted 48th, receiving a promotion to corporal in Company C on November 1, 1864. In the consolidation of the 48th with the 83rd Ohio in January 1865 Tedrick became a NCO in Company B of that regiment.

William D. Henderson, Chester, VA, great-grandson of Morgan Tedrick through his second daughter, Sarah Elizabeth


Morgan Tedrick and his wife Sarah Ellen Teboe (pronounced Tea-bo) around 1900. She was born on July l, 1845, the daughter of Abner Teboe and married Morgan Tedrick on March 11, 1866 at Dodsonville, Highland County, Ohio. Settling down to a lifetime of farming near Dodsonville, the couple had four sons and three daughters. Morgan Tedrick died from diabetes on his farm on July 27, 1910 and is buried in the Stroup Cemetery, Dodsonville. He wife survived to 1921 and is also buried in the Stroup Cemetery.


Morgan Tedrick, ca. 1880


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