The Civil War Letters of William J. Srofe

December 1862 - January 1863

Chickasaw Bayou



"On the 26th we proceeded down the Mississippi to the mouth of the Yazoo, and up that river about six miles, where we landed on the south bank, on the 27th, with two days' rations, and bivouacked for the night on the river bank. During the evening we received orders to move on the following morning (Sunday) at four o'clock. We were on the march with our brigade at the appointed time. After following up the Yazoo two or three miles, we turned to the right, and marched several miles through a thick-timbered swamp. At about 8 A. M. the booming of cannon and the crash of musketry on our left told us the battle had begun."

John A. Bering & Thomas Montgomery, 1880

"This is one time I have had to retreat. It goes [?] hard but [can't?] be help. I think[?] some of our commanders must be playing."

W. J. Srofe

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On board steamer City of Alton
Milikens Bend, Miss. River
Jan. 4, 1863

Dear Father

You have doubtless before this heard of the fiteing at vicksburg and by my last letter know that I was there and are ankcious to hear of me. I was there but my brigade was not in the fite. The fighting was all too our left. We landed on the mouth of Yazoo River on Sunday. Our was mostly on old river and the Yazoo. Our company was deployed as [skirmishers?]. We went within a mile and a half of Vicksburg and about four hundred yds. of their fortifications. Our men fought them apart of four days on the left dividing[?] the time they was strongly reinforced - they being on the hill and fortified and we being in low swamp bottoms. Gen. Grant according to orders should have formed a junction with [us] but he having failed to come to line. We were[?] forced to abandon our projects and take to our boats. Everything was done in the best of order. We embarked on Thursday night. By day light we were ready to start out. Did not leave untill 3 or 4 o'clock in the evening. This is one time I have had to retreat. It goes [?] hard but [can't?] be help. I think[?] some of our commanders must be playing. But they will have to play a different hand If they take Vicksburg. I have not time to write much. So I will close by asking you to write to me one more letter. I have not heard from home for two months. You affectionate son

W.J. Srofe

Direct to me: Co K 48th OVI 1st Division, 13[?] Corpse[?] de arme, Commd by Gen Sherman.


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