William F. Armstrong

Contributed by Jeff McWilliams


William F. Armstrong was born in 1817 and in 1840 married Ms. Rocksanna Thompson in 1861 William. F joined the Ohio 48th becoming the oldest member of the 48th, along with him 4 sons Thompson, William. A., Nelson and David also joined. He lost one son during the Great War; Thompson died shortly after Shiloh and is buried in Spring Grove cemetery Cincinnati Ohio. After enlisting for a 2nd time William F. was captured at the battle of Sabine Crossing (Mansfield La.) and became a p.o.w. at Camp Ford Tyler, Texas. As the war was coming to a end and Camp Ford was being closed the sick and elderly was paroled first, William F. was paroled at Red River Landing La. and was transferred to a hospital in New Orleans where he spent 2 months’ and was later moved to Natchez Miss. because he had contracted scurvy while at Camp Ford, before mustering out (January 17th 1865) and returning to Cherry Grove Ohio. In 1872 Wm. F. moved his family to Audrain Mo. and later moving to Randolph Co. Missouri near Moberly Missouri. After a time at farming his health began to fail from the scurvy he contracted during the war, he lost his battle for life in 1882 and is buried in the Macedonia Cemetery outside Moberly Missouri.



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